book of the week & links to things far more interesting| 27.5.16

I’m a lover of books so (hopefully) every Friday I will highlight a book I’ve recently read with a short review and than move onto links that are far more interesting than my own words. Also run-on sentences.

Happy Reading!

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I have just finished The Vegetarian by Han Kang, literally I just put it down and walked over to right out my jumble of thoughts. To maybe make sense of my emotions. There is a knot in my stomach. I don’t understand. And yet I understand perfectly in many ways. There is so much to compare this short novella to. The translation is stunning, so I can only imagine what it might be like to read it in Korean. There is so much meat in this book which if you see the title is quite ironic. Han Kang takes us on a journey of metamorphosis and so much more.

Like Eileen this is a book that will make you squirm. I can’t remember how I came upon The Vegetarian, I’m pretty sure it started with the cover, as I have mentioned many times over, a good cover is everything sometimes. It had been on my list for some months and when I finally picked it up, as the cashier at The Strand was checking me out, he described the book the only way he knew how, bizarre, but definitely interesting and worth the read. That is an understatement of epic proportions. In truth I don’t really know what to make of The Vegetarian. I know it will take another read to make heads or tales of my emotions. I know this book will not be for everyone. I’ve already seen reviews that throw it under the bus, and all I can think is, you don’t deserve to read Kang’s words then. It is bizarre in every way, it is uncomfortable, and beautiful all rolled into one. I’ll have take a few days before I dive into anything else. I will let this linger and settle and hopefully by then the knots in my stomach will have unravelled.

And just in case you were on the fence, Han Kang just won the Man Booker International Prize so I’m pretty sure the jury is out.

and now on to things far more interesting:

the short story the inspired Han Kang’s full on novel.

The Fruits of My Woman

the New York Times review of The Vegetarian:

The Vegetarian

This is such and IMPORTANT post and I was enraged when this happened and still am finding my words to put towards all the tone deafness happening within so much of the travel blogging community:

Why is it still OK to be racist towards Asians?

with that I’ll round this off on a bit of a lighter note because sometimes you need to smile and have hope the world is going to be okay…

I don’t follow many blogs anymore (a good reason in the link above) and I definitely am not into the whole vlogging business but this family has made an art form. I also tend to roll my eyes when I see lame sponsorships come through, but quite frankly this video was so beautifully shot it brought me to tears.

A Spontaneous Adventure| The Michalaks


2 thoughts on “book of the week & links to things far more interesting| 27.5.16

  1. This is such a crazy coincidence. I literally bought The Vegetarian a few days ago after seeing someone on Booktube review it. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it after living in Korea for two years. Its next on my list to read after I’ve finished the ones I’m currently on.


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